Food Intolerance Testing

with IgG blood test

Food intolerance is increasingly common with up to 50% of the population thought to suffer an adverse reaction to food.

Symptoms are very varied but commonly include IBS type gut symptoms, skin problems like eczema, low energy, brain fog, back and joint pain, irritable bladder, reflux and post nasal drip.

Food intolerance is not life threatening but can seriously impact performance and quality of life. It can be hard to identify the problem food as there may be a delayed reaction or it could be a hidden ingredient.

Elimination diets guided by IgG blood tests have been shown to effective in reducing symptoms in numerous scientific studies. Wendy Urwin offers an IgG blood test to over 200 foods and drinks developed by a reputable lab which is actively involved in research and development of home test kits.

The finger-prick blood sample is easy to take at home and returned using prepaid postage to the accredited lab for analysis. Results are back within a week then you’ll have a 30-minute consultation with Wendy Urwin, a registered Nutrition Practitioner, to discuss the test results and learn how to adapt your diet.


Food intolerance develops in response to disturbances in gut function and the microbiome.

Dietary elimination guided by an IgG blood test will help control symptoms but may not address the underlying cause. If you wish to dig deeper into the underlying cause of your health problems, please select a 90-minute initial consultation.

Food Intolerance test with 30-minute consultation £189
Food Intolerance with 90-minute in-depth consultation £299


This test is suitable for children over the age of 2 years.

Please note that some food intolerance may be the result of non-IgG immunological reactions and may not show up on this test (e.g. lactose intolerance).

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