Nutritional Therapy

It's not all about food...

Most of us are now aware of the role that diet and lifestyle plays in the development of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and dental disease.


These chronic diseases are largely preventable yet were responsible for 85% of all deaths in the UK in 2005 (1). The media release confusing and contradictory reports about what we should NOT eat and drink but often fail to spread the good news that small changes in our diet and lifestyle can add up to major health improvements.


Optimum nutrition is key to supporting health, delaying aging and disease prevention.


The nutrients in our food provide the material and information our bodies need to function correctly. Nutrients affect our metabolic processes and influence gene expression. Our bodies respond to biochemical messages in the foods we eat – these messages may seem insignificant but they have the power to initiate disease.


Registered nutritional therapists are trained to assess an individuals nutritional health status in the context of their specific needs and requirements. They consider the genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that influence the function of the body’s systems and progression of disease, and apply the latest advances in nutritional science to deliver a patient-centred, integrative approach to healthcare.

At Wendy Urwin Nutrition, we use a functional medicine model to identify and address the factors underlying chronic disease, engaging a wide range of tools (e.g. detailed health questionnaire, medical history, family history, symptom analysis, lifestyle and dietary analysis, and functional testing) to identify biochemical, hormonal and microbiological imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns.

The aim is develop a therapeutic partnership between the client and therapist, this empowers the client to make to the appropriate changes to their diet and lifestyle to bring about life-changing health improvements.


good food, good health, good life

Clients seek help with:


  • gastrointestinal (gut) problems;
  • food intolerances;
  • immune support;
  • low energy and fatigue;
  • skin health;
  • weight & blood sugar management;
  • hormonal imbalances (thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones);
  • bone health and joint pain;
  • low mood and ‘brain fog’.


Nutritional therapy is not intended as a replacement for medical advice; clients with ‘red flag’ signs or symptoms will be referred to their GP. Nutritional therapy ractitioners frequently work alongside a medical professional and will communicate with other healthcare professionals involved in the client’s care to explain any nutritional therapy programme that has been provided.

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