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Diet and lifestyle play a significant role in the development of modern diseases and chronic health conditions but conventional medicine still relies on a disease-centered pharmaceutical approach to treatment.

Functional medicine is a forward-thinking, patient-centered, systems-based approach to healthcare which considers and treats the underlying root cause of disease to restore balance and promote health in the body.


The Institute of Functional Medicine is training medical doctors alongside nutrition practitioners to deliver this highly effective form of healthcare because it complements conventional medicine to give better outcome for patients. Although the functional and lifestyle medicine movement in the UK is growing, in no small part due to the dedication of Dr Rangan Chatterjee, you would be very lucky indeed to have a GP with awareness and time to deliver lifestyle medicine so it falls to the Registered Nutrition Practitioners to deliver nutrition & lifestyle medicine to the public.

It is important to distinguish between the highly trained professionals qualified to deliver nutrition & lifestyle medicine and nutrition ‘experts’ who adopt the title with minimal training, lack of clinical skills and an inability to examine primary research.

Registered Nutrition Practitioners have recognised qualifications and skills, and a commitment to achieving the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, competence and professional practice.
BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) is the professional body which holds the register, oversees conduct and upholds standards. BANT members are qualified in both the science of evidence based nutrition as well as clinical practice.


Registered Nutrition Practitioners are trained to carry-out a detailed assessment a client’s health status taking into consideration nutritional, genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that influence the function of the body’s systems and identify imbalances that underlie and mediate progression of disease. We may use blood, stool, saliva or genetic tests to aid our assessment. The latest research and advances in nutritional science are applied to deliver an evidence-based, patient-centered protocol that addresses a client’s particular emotional and physical needs. The aim is to develop a therapeutic partnership with the client to empower and motivate the client to make appropriate lifestyle changes to bring about life-long health improvements.

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GP’s can refer patients to CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) Registered Nutrition Practitioners for nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Nutrition & lifestyle medicine is complementary to conventional medicine and should not be considered as an alternative to medical advice.

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