Wendy Urwin mBANT CNHC

Integrity, empowerment and compassion

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These are core beliefs which I integrate into my work as a clinician and educator giving clients confidence as I listen with respect and understanding, helping them take back control of their health.


My background in microbiology and environmental science provides the backbone for my in-depth understanding of nutritional science, functional nutrition and nutrigenomics which I combine with extensive clinical skills and many years of experience to support clients in clinic and online.

Prevention is always better than cure, so I’m passionate about delivering preventative healthcare advice through public talks and corporate workshops.

My interest in nutrition stems from a personal health crisis which came to a head postpartum and left me with severe IBS, chronic fatigue and cognitive dysfunction which impaired my ability to care for my young child. Medical tests were unable to diagnose any disease. Nutritional therapy saved me physically and mentally so I decided to retrain and help others who found themselves in a similar dilemma.

Professional Qualifications & Affiliations:

  • BSc (Hons) Biology (Enviro Science)
  • PGDip Nutritional Therapy (MSc dissertation to be completed)
  • Certified SIBO Practitioner
  • NTEC Nutrigenomics
  • Applied Clinical Practice in Functional Medicine (ACPMF) 2018 graduate
  • Registered member of British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)
  • Registration with Complementary Natural Health Council (CNHC)
  • Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine

Functional Nutrition is an exciting and expanding field to work in, the learning never stops as new research emerges to expand our understanding of the complex fabric of health and disease – I continually study how to apply this knowledge to support the health of others.

I support clients in my clinic in Inverness and across the UK online and by phone with a range of chronic health conditions but have a specialist knowledge of gastro-intestinal dysfunction and the association with mental health complaints, chronic fatigue, persistent infection, hormone imbalance (thyroid, adrenal), and the myriad of health complaints that accompany the menopause.

Wendy Irwin

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