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I’m Wendy Urwin, a nutritionist and leading gut health expert helping professional women break free from the constraints of an irritable bowel so they can feel calm, controlled, re-energised and focused on their ambitions.


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I’m now blessed with a happy gut which tolerates a wide variety of foods without complaint but this wasn’t always the case…

After a lifetime of unresolved gut complaints, Wendy’s health took a turn for the worst following a period of extreme stress. Tests results were all-clear so in absence of other explanations she was diagnosed with IBS and chronic fatigue. As her health deteriorated, she had to give up work and was struck by the realisation she would soon be unfit to care for her young daughter – the fear of failing her daughter compelled her to look for answers elsewhere and she harnessed the power of diet and natural supplements to recover her health and wellbeing.

Wendy is now an experienced practitioner and gut health expert who applies evidence-based nutrition and her clinical expertise to help professional women break the constraints of IBS so they can regain control, feel energised, pain-free and focus on their ambitions.

What my clients say:

we want to say thank you for your caring and helpful advice, attention and suggestions regarding our different health challenges. You truly are a fount of knowledge and have helped us both tremendously.”

“I am happier and a great deal healthier than I’ve been for years. highly recommend Wendy as a caring and thorough nutritionist – and a lovely person”

“thanks to you I can clearly see exactly what I need to do regarding diet and lifestyle in order to STAY healthy and happy regarding eating habits and lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

Member of the British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

IFM Graduate


Nutritional therapy is not intended as a replacement for medical advice. It is important you see your GP if you experience changes in bowel habit or stool consistency, loss of weight or energy, or suffer infection.


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